Writers’ Block

I want to write. I like to write. I’m kind of good at writing. When I can write. For years I have wanted to “be a blogger”. I bought books on how to be a blogger. I should read them some time. I have long lists of topics and ideas on things I could write about, and when I have time to sit down and write about them, I find something else to do, like eat chocolate or clean out the kitchen sink. I have the longest lasting recorded case of writers’ block. So I am writing, now, about absolutely nothing and I hope that breaks the curse and I’ll be able to write more about nothing on a more regular basis! Perhaps I will actually be able to develop one of the ideas on one of my “Blog Ideas” lists. I have been keeping these lists, many of these lists, for a couple of years, now; on my iPhone, my iPad, my MacBook, my work computer, random slips of paper. I have been known to actually pull the car over to painstakingly type out an idea on the notepad on my iPhone. Yet, I have written about none of them. I thought about upgrading to iPhone 5 (I’m making a list of excuses as to why I need an iPhone 5) just so I could see if I could train Siri to take one my blog ideas and develop it intelligently for me, while I continue to drive, or while I clean out the kitchen sink. I’ll let you know how that goes. But now, I’ve said what is on my mind and I’ve got to put this Max Brenner chocolate bar away before I eat the whole thing, and, yes, there are some dishes in the sink I need to attend to.

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