Scarlett’s Letter 1/12/2013

It is Saturday and I have broken nearly every rule in the book. My book. My book of rules, that is. I have one of those, a rule book. Do you? I have actually written down rules in a journal. Occasionally I add a new rule or rewrite a rule, out of necessity, but I do have a written set of rules to help me keep on track in a manner that boosts my self-confidence, self-esteem and general contentment. I hate it when I break rules, especially since I haven’t really thought of a way to punish myself. Self discipline is not my strong suit, in more ways than one.

It is approaching noon and my bed is unmade. I always, always, always make my bed the instant I slip out from the comfort of the covers. Even when staying at a hotel. Unmade beds disturb me and I can’t really explain why. My mom is a nurse, trained by the military. Perhaps that has something to do with it. I know how to do “hospital corners” on my flat sheet.

I came downstairs in my pajamas which consist of very large, baggy Victoria’s Secret sweat pants and my boyfriend’s “Silver Gulch Brewery” thermal, which I wear every, single night, no matter what, unless he is visiting, in which case I select something else from my VS collection. I never come downstairs in my pajamas, and if I do, it is only to perform a quick task and once said task is complete, I dash upstairs and get ready for the day. Shower. Dress. Etc. I am, in fact, still in my pajamas. Ew. 

I had two pieces of toast with breakfast. To my credit, they were made from flour-less, sprouted whole grain bread, but two pieces is my weekly allotment of bread.

 There are dishes in the sink. I loathe, hate, and despise dishes in the sink. I will, usually on a daily basis, make a huge ordeal out of the fact that someone has left a stray dish, utensil or cup in the sink, when the dishwasher is only about two feet away. 

 I have no plan for my day. I always have more planned than I can accomplish in any day. Perhaps that is why I have been lackadaisical with my rules this morning. 

 I did not work out last night and I haven’t worked out yet this morning. I could still work out some time today, and perhaps I should make a plan to do so. Kill two birds with one stone.

 I did only have one adult beverage last night, but it was a VERY LARGE stout beer, so it probably actually counted as two. And I consumed most of it on any empty stomach, so it probably had the effect of three.

I spent money I shouldn’t have, I enjoyed my VERY LARGE stout with a VERY LARGE salmon burger in a restaurant when I should have economized by preparing and eating the lovely pork chop I bought on sale and had thawed for myself. 

I didn’t get enough sleep. As usual. Even though I could barely keep my eyes open after my VERY LARGE stout, I found some mundane chore that just had to be completed before going to sleep. I set up and configured my new router. Another day without wifi was something I was simply not willing to endure. I probably slept better knowing wifi in the morning was a certainty. 

I scarfed down and did not savor my one square of dark chocolate.

I didn’t read at all yesterday, and I haven’t read anything yet today. Another plan!ImageImageImage

To my credit, I DID write and am now posting a journal entry today, a new rule. 

Now I’m off to make my bed, get ready, do dishes and work out.


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