Scarlett’s Letter 1/14/2013

I have a song in my heart! And it’s Monday morning. Today is off to a good start, even if I do have the client from hell looming ahead of me this afternoon.

I was feeling wobbly yesterday and was in a quandary as to what to do. In the end, I did sort of a hybrid approach. I worked out. Hard. I completed my first “Fit Test” for Shaun T.’s Insanity DVD workout series. I thought it would kill me, but afterwards, I brushed the sweat from my brow, grabbed my gym bag and went to the gym for an hour of blistering cardio. That was the infusion of endorphins I needed.

Upon returning home from the gym, I cooked a healthful dinner; a small pork cutlet, wild rice and carrots with Brussels sprouts. Of course I used about a quarter pound of butter to prepare it all, but that’s how I roll. I had a Jamaican Red Stripe beer along with that and for dessert, a hot shower, some lavender scented candles, shea body butter, some classical guitar music, a piece of dark chocolate with chili inside and a glass of merlot. Short of getting a massage, I could not have been more relaxed.

I’d texted my S.O. earlier in the day, in response to a text he’d sent me (it’s all strategy, I don’t want to appear too eager or needy, even if I am). I asked if he could set aside a little time for a “conversation” after my workout. We usually say “phone call”, I was hoping my careful selection of words would offer a little pause, concern, something just short of foreboding. I think it was ineffectual. He knows I’m wordy.

Then I sat down with my MacBook and scripted what I wanted to say, not like I’d read it script style, but more of an outline, again, carefully selecting words I thought had impact and significance.

So I called him late in the evening, MacBook opened at my side. We had our usual chat about weather, dinner, the events of our respective days. Just as he was preparing to conclude the call, I asked if we could talk a bit about “things”. Per my script, we revisited a couple of topics we had started during his visit, which occurred somewhere between two glasses and two bottles of wine (I couldn’t tell you, the whole week and a half is sort of a purple haze). These topics were what sent me wobbling, I think. It was good. We cleared the air, though I think my air was more polluted than his, to begin with. All is well. I am at peace with where we are. He is a good man; he listens, he is wise, he expresses his thoughts clearly, he is even tempered and so, so, so patient. I’m a lucky girl.

I finished my glass of merlot after our conversation, in bed, with my current read, “The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships” by Mali Apple and Joe Dunn (highly recommend). Every paragraph I read resonated and I caught myself whispering “yah!” After finishing my wine and reading some more, I fell asleep in my usual manner, Kindle thump to the head. After the third time I dropped the Kindle on my face, I turned off the light and slept blissfully.

Now I am ready to face my Monday. Bring it.

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