Scarlett’s Letter 1/23/2013

I am feeling like I’m almost my old self again. Despite the fact that today marks one year ago, exactly, that my beloved dad passed away, I had a happy day. I felt calm and focused and I didn’t freak out or overreact about anything! Ta da! I started my day right, with a good, light, healthy breakfast, which I enjoyed while I journaled my affirmations and the things I am grateful for. That small task makes such a big difference. If you don’t take the time to jot down the things you affirm and the things for which you are grateful, you lose focus, direction and gain despair and cynicism. I swear it. I worked hard today, which I always do. I wrote a blog post so inspiring, I was inspired to do something worthy with the rest of my day! I went to the gym and worked out real hard, which felt ahhhhh-mazing! I came home, chatted with my mommy on the phone while I cooked myself some salmon from Alaska and some sautéed veggies. I do enjoy my own cooking when I’m not on the road, a real treat, not that I’m the best cook in the world, but I like what I make and its oh, so good for me! I capped the evening off with a nice phone call with my Sweetie, a glass of red wine, a hot shower and now some bluegrass music on Pandora and a book on my Kindle I’m anxious to finish. Not an extraordinary day, but the best kind of ordinary day! Sweet dreams await!

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