Scarlett’s Letter June 10, 2013

Monday. Started off like such a Monday.

I worked on the phone with a client, a firm, who wanted a “customized” question and answer session. I’d traded emails with the person in charge about topics, order, etc. They were to have two consecutive days, four hours each. I sent out my draft agenda for the day one and day two on Friday, as promised, and heard nothing in response. About ten minutes into my presentation, I get an “urgent” email from the client saying it was “all wrong” and we needed to change the whole thing immediately. I called for a break, called the client, and he was looking at my draft agenda, for the first time. I reworked the whole plan, while delivering the information, no problem. Except I have to do the “exact” same thing tomorrow for another whole set of folks. I sure hope I remember! Because I was shooting from the hip! Typical.

I had problems on the home front, too. I recently signed up for and paid for iTunes Match. My poor MacBook is chronically clogged with data, mostly music and photos, and to make a short video requires about two days of deleting and shuffling stuff to external hard drives to free up enough disk space. I finally decided to put all my music in “the cloud” and free up my devices for photos, videos and articles. Having done this, I haven’t been able to access anything from the cloud and I’ve been afraid to delete the music files from my computer. Emboldened by beer last night, I backed all my music files up to an external hard drive and deleted them from my computer. When I go to play a song, now, from iTunes, it gives me some “I don’t know where that is” message. In a panic, preparing to reload all my music, I clicked on some setting, and volia! The cloud! Everything is there, all 8,000 songs! Hooray! I was in a cold panic there for a moment. Now I can access any of my music on any of my devices and I don’t have to store it all any my MacBook! So worth the $25 a year! Right?

I ran a couple of errands after work today, and I just felt rather sluggish. I’m not sure why, I think I slept well last night, maybe my harrowing morning took it out of me. But, I knew, if I didn’t make myself do something active, again, today, I’d be super disappointed in myself. I loathe and despise that feeling. So, I put my running clothes on and ran five, fast miles in the cool, late afternoon. It had been overcast all day, perhaps lending to my lethargy, but at soon as I set my running shoe clad foot on the pavement, the sun broke through and it was a perfectly warm, not hot, sunny, not scorching run. It. Felt. So. Good.

After running, with that whole “push up” challenge thing, I did my four minutes of planks. I’m pretty sore from my first attempt the other day and was only able to pull off two push ups before dropping to my knees. Then three more. 355 days to go.

I made a monstrous meal. I should never be allowed to cook for myself after running. Of course, I should probably not be left with a menu and a credit card in a restaurant after running. I made about fourteen pounds of braised greens, peppers, and zucchini. I had an avocado for a salad, and about four ounces of beef sautéed in my greens. For dessert, my favorite, an artichoke. With organic mayonnaise. Organic, not orgasmic! About the only time I ever eat mayonnaise is if it’s organic and only ever on artichokes. Or with a spoon, a childhood habit I’ve long since broken, except to clean the spoon off before putting it in the dishwasher.

I had a lovely chat with my love tonight. Tomorrow is his birthday, wish I could be there to spoil him. Oh well, soon enough.

Let's talk about serving size! I had yogurt for breakfast and an apple (and peanut butter) for lunch. I ran five miles. I was HUNGRY!
Let’s talk about serving size! I had yogurt for breakfast and an apple (and peanut butter) for lunch. I ran five miles. I was HUNGRY!

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