Scarlett’s Letter June 11, 2013

Another day with the same client as yesterday, this time without any panic emails. I think they were happy with what I presented, both days, which makes me happy.

I spent the afternoon writing some, working some, trying to get focused enough on ll that needs to be done before Saturday. What’s on Saturday? I leave home for two weeks on the road for work followed by two weeks of vacation. A week in Manhattan, a week in Jersey and two in Alaska. How. In. The. World. Do I pack for THAT? I have a plan, and I’ll be at the mercy of the airlines, may the air traffic control gods be on my side.

I went to the gym tonight and took a “core fusion” class, my first. All I can say is this; my balls were too big. We had a stabilization ball and mine was too big. We had a weighted ball and mine was too big. I sweat and think I got a pretty good workout, but I think I’d rather do traditional yoga. Or run. Or just do my cardio routine. But, it was a nice change of pace. As always, when I leave the gym, I “check in” on Facebook. I have a group of fellow fitness enthusiasts on Facebook and we always show support for one another by “liking” our check-ins at various fitness venues. It helps. I mentioned in my check-in that I’d done a “core fusion” class. My manager from work commented, joking, as always, asking whether that was anything like French/Asian fusion. He sees all of my expense reports and restaurant receipts; he knows my weaknesses. So, for dinner, I made some kind of spicy Asian fare. I don’t know if it would technically qualify as French/Asian fusion, but I figure if I’m French (and I am) and I cook Asian, it must be pretty close. Does it count that I sautéed stuff in EVOO? But I didn’t use any butter. I did use lots of spicy red pepper chili garlic sauce. The spice rating was about “two beers”. I know it had to be good because Mom just headed downstairs, made some kind of “silent” exclamation and turned the exhaust fan over the stove up to full blast.

It is my Sweetie’s birthday. I’m going to go call him.

I don't know if this would qualify as "French/Asian fusion cuisine", but when a French person cooks Asian food it's gotta be close!
I don’t know if this would qualify as “French/Asian fusion cuisine”, but when a French person cooks Asian food it’s gotta be close!

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