Scarlett’s Letter June 4, 2013

I’m in Provo, Utah, working with a CPA firm I’ve worked with before. Great folks! The weather is perfect and since we started our training session at 8:00 AM, we finished early enough that I was able to take a walk along the Provo River Walk trail I “found” behind my hotel

I had breakfast in my room, as usual. Starbucks (Via), Ezekiel Almond Cereal with dried blueberries and extra, raw almonds (less than a ¼ cup), a Walloby Organic Greek Yogurt (honey flavored) and some fresh, organic blueberries.

The client provided lunch, deli sandwiches, of course. I wasn’t going to eat, but standing all day, teaching, really works up an appetite. I had a small section, about a two and a half inch wedge of roast beef and jack with lettuce and tomato on a wheat roll. I discarded the top half of the wheat roll, and the onion (not cool for teaching). Instead of chips and a cookie, as provided by the deli, I had the apple I brought, more blueberries and a couple of squares of dark chocolate, which was probably more calories than the damned chips and cookie, but my self-righteous self was satiated.

After my walk, before dinner, I enjoyed a Zion Canyon Jamaican Style Lager I found at the Whole Foods in Trolley Square yesterday.

I had dinner at India Palace in Provo with a colleague from work who is “shadowing” me, for training purposes. I usually travel alone, but, occasionally, I shadow another consultant to learn to teach a new class, or, like this week, vice versa. We decided on Indian, we both love it and eating Indian alone is rough because you want to try so many different things. When you share, you can order more and share it all and experience more. It’s all about experiences, right? We ordered the Keema (lamb) Simosas (dumplings) and a Kingfisher beer (from India). For dinner we had Daal (lentils) and Lamb Vindaloo along with two kinds of naan, Keema (lamb) naan and one with goat cheese. All excellent, and very filling, and still, there were leftovers.

I am being extra bad tonight. I bought four local microbrews at Whole Foods yesterday, so I am having another beer tonight, a Wasatch Polygamy Porter. Three is a bit excessive, but we move to another hotel tomorrow evening that doesn’t have a fridge and I’d much rather enjoy the beer cold. That is my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

Divine Indian food from "India Palace" in Provo, Utah.
Divine Indian food from “India Palace” in Provo, Utah.

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