Scarlett’s Letter June 7 2013

A day at home. “Working”. When unscheduled with a client and at home, I am required to work a regular eight-hour day. I am to be available by phone, instant messenger and email between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM in my home time zone. Other than that, as long as my projects get done and I’m prepared for upcoming training and consulting sessions, well, whatever. This was a whatever day. I did do a few hours of follow up administrative work that doesn’t get done, usually, while traveling; time reporting, expense reporting, preparing materials for upcoming sessions, answering emails and stuff like that. But, I was free to take mom to her hair appointment, though I did take my laptop and work on my expense report while she got her cut and coif.

Mom and I stopped in at Il Posto Trattoria for lunch, located in the same lot as the salon, a place my mom has mentioned wanting to try on several occasions, despite her stylists unfavorable reviews. Mom wanted to try the “pizza and a beer” special for $12. Sadly, it was posted as a happy hour special only. I’m not sure where the miscommunication was there, but we were seated with the full-on menu. Mom chose a veal Panini and I selected a calzone. I liked the atmosphere, though Mom spent the entire meal not liking the décor. After lunch, and probably for eternity, Mom is going to recount what a horrible meal she had. Mine was good. I’d go back. Without Mom, because she’ll never set foot in there again. At happy hour, for pizza and a Peroni. But, with all that is negative, the more Mom focuses on how lousy her experience was, the worse it will become. Going on and on and on and on for days and days and days and days will only make the experience worse in your mind, it will do nothing to make it better, to change it, or do anything at all positive in any respect to anything. In other words; complaining about something is a huge waste of energy. Did she not have the best lunch companion ever? Me? I don’t know. So what was good about it? The beer? Fine, let’s focus on the goodness of the beer and let the rest slide. Don’t go back, but don’t dwell on the negative and destroy what someone else (me) may have enjoyed. There’s a lesson here.

We ventured on up to St. Helena to V. Sattui winery. I recently joined their wine club, something I’ve never done before. I had the most amazing, to die for merlot there a month or so ago. Their wines aren’t available in any store, only at the winery. Their hospitality is outstanding, as well, as in, free tastings for any “Napa neighbor”, also known as a “locals only discount”. So, my wines for the month were ready to be picked up and there were free wines to be tasted, so Mom and I spent a brief spell bellied up to the wine bar before heading home for the rest of the day.

Once home, I spent some time on the back deck, taking in the warmth, the sunshine and a light breeze, listening to my new audio book by Eckhart Tolle. I was thoroughly enjoying myself. Mom joined me a bit later and she revisited the horrors of lunch, once more. Peace. For a moment. Enough said. Really. Enough said.

I was too full for dinner. I spent the rest of the evening working and doing laundry and doing some basic organization that’s been needing to get done. I made a very small dent. But it was fulfilling.

Girnormo calzone from Il Posto Trattoria. And a Peroni.
Girnormo calzone from Il Posto Trattoria. And a Peroni.

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