Scarlett’s Letter June 8, 2013

Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!

A light breakfast and some goofing off in the morning. I decided not to run with the local running club, as it was quite warm out and they planned a very fast ten miles. I set out on my own to run and ran a kinda fast six miles. It felt great! For two reasons; first, running just feels good (afterwards), your endorphins are all elevated and nothing can bring you down, second, I’d never just gone out and run all by myself. I always say I’m going to, pack my running gear in my suitcase and haul it all over the country, and never do. I’ve only ever run with organized running clubs on sanctioned workouts. This was a departure and set a new precedent. I was super proud of myself. And hot. And sweaty. After a shower and lunch, I was ready to tackle the world!

And tackle the world, I did. I’ve recently challenged myself to overcome another of those self-imposed limitations I have; push-ups. I seem convinced “I can’t do them”. I intend to prove myself wrong and be able to do 100 push ups, without stopping, by June 1, 2014. It’s the eighth day of the month, I only have 357 days left to accomplish this daunting feat. So, I did push ups. Ten of them. Without stopping. Then, for good measure, and because I have an event coming up with a rocking dress to be worn, I did some planks, four poses, holding each for a full minute. I used a timer. A full minute, each.

The highlight of my day was getting ready and feeling like a million dollars and heading to Oxbow Public Market to read, write and study for a multi-part professional exam I’m planning to take later this year.

Have you ever had one of those days where you just felt like you looked amazing? This was definitely one of those days, and that feeling just elevates one’s mood like no other! I enjoyed my time at the public market and focused mostly on writing. I intended to read and to study, but I got engrossed writing. That happens a lot to me. I found a table for two in the community dining area, where you can enjoy food you’ve purchased from any of the vendors in the market. Being Saturday in early summer in the Napa Valley, the place was packed full of tourists, so I enjoyed one of my favorite pastimes, people watching. It was a very hot day out and the market was cool and bright. It was somewhat cool at home, but only because all the blinds and curtains were clamped shut and two dozen oscillating fans were causing the house to nearly levitate. The market place was a very enjoyable option to the darkness and the din.

After writing and posting an article, I moved to one of the wine bars, a new one I’d not been to before, part of “Ca’ Momi Enoteca”. They have a winery and they have a food venue in the Oxbow Public Market. I love their food and their Italian pastries. How could I not love their wine and their wine bar? So not disappointed. I had a flight of three wines, my choice, for $7. I sat at the wine bar, noodled around on my iPad and chatted with a couple of Napa locals home from college at CSU, Long Beach.

I came home and cooked myself the most amazing meal I’ve had in a long time. After so many meals in restaurants, there is nothing like taking some time and preparing something really nice for yourself from carefully chosen ingredients. While dining at “The Cooper Onion” in Salt Lake City, lusting after one man’s pork chops while enjoying the halibut I’d ordered instead, I was only a little jealous that he had polenta and I did not. So, with my dinner, I prepared, for the first time ever, polenta, to accompany my salmon and braised greens. It was phenomenal! So pleased! The perfect ending to a perfect day!

Most amazing dinner at home ever. Polenta rocks!
Most amazing dinner at home ever. Polenta rocks!

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