Scarlett’s Letter June 12, 2013

It was an agapanthus and oleander kind of a day. If you have spent any time in California, especially in suburban neighborhoods, especially older suburban neighborhoods, you may have noticed that most of the cookie cutter houses have been landscaped with agapanthus and oleander. True, both do flower, but to see the same shrubs, leaf shapes and flowers in every single yard, yard after yard, block after block, mile after mile is a little mundane. I understand the overuse of these plants; they are hardy, drought tolerant, flowering and impossible to kill. But totally unimaginative. I have long held a bit of a prejudice against them.

My day was mundane, to a point, nothing remarkable. I was nose to the grindstone with work, preparing for a couple of intense weeks on the road, one in NYC, so I would far prefer to prepare now than my evenings in Manhattan. So, I spent the day in front of my computer, doing battle like Michelangelo, the arch angel, against not the devil, exactly, but a Dell, an HP printer, Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat. But I got it all done, and a “company meeting” online, too.

I decided a good hard, run was just the ticket to quicken my pulse and make me breathe and feel alive. Nearly seven miles on a loop I “created” on Google Maps through a bunch of neighborhoods I know from the past, but forget exactly how, or more precisely, whether, they connect. They don’t, for the most part. It was a good seven mile run, except for the plethora of agapanthus and oleander. I deserved pizza for dinner, and I could’ve eaten the entire Amy’s Margherita pizza, but I know how to outsmart myself, I cut it in half BEFORE I baked it. The whole pizza would’ve been 900 calories, I only burned 800 running, so portion control measures were appropriate.

So, for an ordinary day, and an extraordinary run, through ordinary neighborhoods with ordinary landscaping, on the bright side, the oleander and agapanthus were all in vivid bloom!

P.S. Eleven push-ups! And that was after a seven mile run, half a pizza and two beers!

Portion control, sometimes, has to be "forceful". I cut the pizza in half before I baked it. I knew I'd eat the whole thing, otherwise!
Portion control, sometimes, has to be “forceful”. I cut the pizza in half before I baked it. I knew I’d eat the whole thing, otherwise!

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