Scarlett’s Letter June 15, 2013

We’re friends, right? We can talk about anything! Yesterday, I told you about my kooky dreams. Good news? I only had one kooky dream last night. I don’t remember all the particulars, except that I had to take an orange (Target style) shopping cart everywhere I went. Which is weird, because when I shop at Target, or almost anywhere, I usually just use the “hand basket”, rarely a cart, unless I need “paper products (TP or paper towels). Or a television. So I have strange dreams, so I need an analyst, maybe. Whatever.

We can talk about anything. Like sharp boogers. You know what I’m talking about! Those boogers that are so hard they’ve developed sharp corner and edges and they HURT! What do you do about them? Go to the closest, privat-est place and relieve yourself of them like a three-year old would do, dig it out with your index finger with all the vigor you can muster until it is a fete complet! Right?

Okay, how about this? You walk into a large public restroom and you’d like to “sit” for a moment. The restroom is mostly empty, as in there are no lines, no competition for an “open seat”. Which one do you choose? If you could choose any seat to sit upon, which would you choose? I know there have been articles (believe it or not) written on the “most likely to be less used”, but I think this is all based on loosely developed theories and poorly applied statistics. In your logical mind, which would you choose? Stall one, I have to think, is probably used more than any other. I would imagine that the “last” stall would be used the next most, by all those who fear stall one and adhere to extremes. I choose stall three. Why? It isn’t stall one, it isn’t the last stall, and three is my favorite number. So unless there is number one, or worse yet, number two, or worst of all, number three, (the sum of number one and number two) in the commode in stall three, that’s the one I’m choosing. How about you? Or do you just peer into each stall before you select in which you’ll pee?

So, yes, I am traveling today. I am at the airport. I have had two flights (of wine) before my first flight and am now readying for my “last” pit stop before boarding the plane. Just wondered if anyone else, besides me, gave any thought, applied any logic or theory to which stall, if any, are more likely to be cleaner than any other in a public restroom.

Next question; seat covers? Worth it or a waste of natural resources? How long do germs really live on dry surfaces? A topic for another day, perhaps.

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