Scarlett’s Letter July 4, 2013

Lovin’ on the Porch.

Not what you think.

We decided to spend Independence Day “celebrating” independent of the rest of America. We stayed home and worked on that list of things that needs to get done but isn’t quite urgent enough to make the priority list of things that MUST get done. Like staining the timbers on the porch. A couple of years in the Alaskan elements, unstained, and they were looking a little thirsty. So, we just got our brushes out and stained them.

Staining the timbers was such a splendid idea that we decided to stain the deck boards, too. Partly because we sort of dripped the stain from the timbers here and there. And pretty much there and here, too. So, we got the deck stain out and stained those boards, everywhere.

We picked rhubarb from the garden before it went to seed and, together, made a rhubarb crumble to enjoy after dinner tonight. We’ll take the leftovers to the neighbors to enjoy when they return from their anniversary rafting trip on the Nenana River. We’re grilling salmon and munching on greens from the greenhouse for our dinner. A perfectly independent Independence Day, food caught, food grown, food cooked and food enjoyed.

Sure, there are parties and events that could be attended, but now and then, it is nice to just not go anywhere, especially when anywhere is the better part of an hour from home. And then having to come home again afterwards. It’s not like fireworks are the best thing in summer in Alaska. After all, it is light out all night this time of year, right? While the rest of the country is watching a bazillion dollars worth of gun powder explode in the dark, we’ll be enjoying the breeze in the birch trees, dappled sunlight, a brief rain shower and rhubarb cobbler. The only “fireworks” nearby were two big bore rifle shots, spaced about five minutes apart from some neighbor down the hill, probably a bear, we haven’t been able to confirm that one way or another with any of the neighbors we’ve met on the road, but I’m sure we will.

And thus, one of the best Independence Days ever, celebrating independence independently.


Lovin' on the porch
Lovin’ on the porch

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