Scarlett’s Letter August 5, 2013

I re-read my own article on self-esteem. I determined that I need to go to rehab. No, not what you’re thinking, but I do need to rehabilitate some of my healthy practices in order to maintain my healthy self-esteem.

I have fallen “off program” a bit lately, with work-related travel to New York City, immediately followed by a two-week vacation to Alaska, followed by a mourning period of returning to my “normal” life after two weeks in NYC and two weeks in Alaska. Then there was the birthday celebration, which lasted for a week. Or two. And, wow, it’s August and I’m feeling a little pudgy, lethargic and have caught myself with a few self-critical thoughts and actions as a result. Like calling myself “muffin top” in the mirror and patting my belly and going “ugh”. I don’t like the way my jeans are fitting and I can still only do twelve push-ups. My goal is 100. And there is that full marathon coming up in December.

So back on track. I am making an effort to read thirty minutes of self-esteem bolstering material a day. I am currently in the middle of “How to Light Up a Room: 55 Techniques to Help You Increase Your Charisma, Build Rapport, and Make People Like You” by Kate Kennedy. I’m on technique #37.  I’ve also decided to make an effort to study for at least thirty minutes a day for a professional certificate I hope to obtain to allow me a bit more flexibility career-wise in the next few years. And, of course, I have vowed to mend my wicked ways, as follows:

  1. One serving of bread per week
  2. One dessert per week
  3. One adult beverage per day
  4. Portion control
  5. Detox

I love bread. Who doesn’t? But when I was busy shedding those fifty unwanted pounds and plateaued, by eliminating my daily serving(s) of bread and replacing it/them with whole grains like quinoa or bulgur, I immediately dropped another fifteen pounds. My daughter has suffered from eczema on her legs for much of her life. When she moved in with me over the summer between college semesters, she also gave up bread and her eczema immediately and permanently disappeared. There is definitely something to the bread intensive American diet that has many of us on the brink of dietary destruction. I would rather enjoy one exquisite piece of bread per week than loaves and loaves of ordinary bread and the related health consequences.

Dessert. Ditto. One amazing dessert per week is so much more worth it than a bunch of mediocre sweets that only destroy my well-intended efforts everywhere else. Total elimination of treats is a prescription for failure and complete denial is always only temporary. But looking forward to, anticipating and planning for that one, epic, epicurean dessert delicacy makes the whole experience so much better. And with good results, too.

Number three. We’ll see. Who am I kidding? Maybe one beer and one wine per day. To start. Hmph.

Portion control. I’ve got this under control. I don’t do seconds. What is it with seconds? Did it not taste good enough the first time? Eating more of something doesn’t make it better, it makes it overeating. And as far as portion size goes, I buy my lean protein servings and simply repackage them into four-ounce servings and freeze them individually. As for everything else; I use itty-bitty bowls. A portion of most foods should not exceed in size, the size of your fist. Hopefully you don’t have mutant, jolly green giant fists. My itty-bitty bowls eliminate any guesswork there. If it fits in the bowl, it is likely a reasonable serving, unless it is a serving of caramel and fudge with whipped cream and marshmallow topping. Ew, anyway. But still, I seem to be overeating. My dinner plate is mostly vegetables, but I have been eating to the point beyond feeling full and that should never be. I need to learn to cook only as many vegetables as I can fit into my little bowl, but, it is hard to get the large variety of veggies I like to fit into a tiny portion. Something to work at.

Detox. I need to detox my thoughts and my self-speak. I have caught a few self-critical thought sneak by, I have slipped out of living in the “now”, now and then, and I have had less than wonderful sleep cycles lately, being plagued with stupid insecurities, petty and fruitless anxieties and annoying song lyrics for a few hours per night when I should be in dream cycles so HGH can naturally release into my bloodstream. Focusing once again on meditation, yoga, cardio and living in the present is a sure cure for all that ails me here.

So, after my run, and my glass of wine, I am going to read a chapter or two in my book, maybe write a little, and nestle down for a restful night’s sleep. Rehab isn’t so bad.


My itty-bitty bowls. And plates. They serve two purposes; portion control and making food more fun and enjoyable. And I enjoy finding and buying new, colorful, cheap, little bowls when I see them!
My itty-bitty bowls. And plates. They serve two purposes; portion control and making food more fun and enjoyable. And I enjoy finding and buying new, colorful, cheap, little bowls when I see them!


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