Scarlett’s Letter August 12, 2013

It has been an interesting day. For a Monday.

I had a pretty good night’s sleep, for a change. I was awakened at about the usual time by all the usual noises. The neighbor’s car goes “beep beep beep” when they unlock the door at 6:30 AM. Our house isn’t air conditioned, so I sleep with the window open and the street is a short driveway’s length away. I hear everything. If I’m not sleeping particularly well, I can hear the newspaper being tossed into the driveway, right behind my car, at about 2:15 AM, “thwack”. Anything else you want to know about the comings and goings and routine happenings on my street through the night and early morning?

I headed for the kitchen, as per my routine. Mom was already at the table, newspaper unfolded across about 90% of the table. I began to prepare my breakfast, the usual; oatmeal, yogurt, berries and coffee. I opened the cupboard to get the small saucepan for my oatmeal and it wasn’t there. Mom had a hot dog for dinner last night and used the same saucepan. Rather than wash it out, which, in my estimation, takes roughly fifteen seconds longer than rinsing it out and putting it in the dishwasher, she, in fact did rinse it out and put it in the dishwasher. Unbeknownst to her, this is a pet peeve of mine. Unless the dishwasher is going to be run each and every night, and I believe it should, one should wash commonly used items, like small saucepans. In this household the dishwasher doesn’t run until too full to close the door, even if we’re out of forks, plates and wine glasses. Well, I use the small saucepan every morning, and often for lunch, and usually for dinner, and I wash it and replace it in the cupboard each and every time. The way I see it, it either gets washed now, or at the next meal. I know this is petty, so I said not a word. But, if I were in charge, that’s the way it would go. Always.

I got ready for my day after breakfast; a quick core and strength work out, my shower, and all that stuff. I wore a form fitting white t-shirt, I believe in wearing the most form fitting, flattering clothing you can get away with. It’s a positive body-image thing. When you wear form-fitting t-shirts, you need to consider what is underneath.

On a rather personal note, I prefer wearing spectacular underwear, correction, bras. I buy spectacular underwear, I wear spectacular bras. Usually. My bras have patterns with flowers or polka dots, lace, jewels, bling, glitter, bright colors, beautiful pastels, bold black, pretty much one of everything Victoria’s Secret sells. All of which is quite noticeable beneath a form fitting white t-shirt. For such occasions, I have a collection of satin smooth, figure flattering and, shall we say, “enhancing”, bras from Frederick’s of Hollywood, and one of these in white, for just such fashion dilemmas. Mom commented on my, um, appearance, something like “Wow! You look buxom in that shirt!” I told her about my special t-shirt bra. She wasn’t so impressed with the smoothness as she was with the, um, support. So, Mom wants to go to Frederick’s with me. I’m pretty sure, as soon as I walk into Frederick’s with my nearly ninety mother I will have won some kind of world record. Several years ago, for a special fashion dilemma, I took my daughter to Frederick’s for a bustier, to go underneath a vintage dress I’d bought her off E-Bay that required a little waist cinching on her size 00 frame. She was, I think, thirteen years old at the time. The sales associates were so completely helpful, some of the best customer service, ever. But, I’m pretty sure, having taken my thirteen-year-old daughter and now my ninety-year-old mother to Frederick’s of Hollywood for underwear, must earn me some kind of award. Maybe a gift card!

Mom has been craving Mexican food, so we had lunch at Maria’s Taqueria near downtown Napa. I did my usual thing, checked in on Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and Yelp. Mom is really getting into Yelp, so I spent the better part of lunch looking up other restaurants on Yelp for her. She likes to talk about other patrons and ask me questions about them. She whispers the questions but can’t hear my reply if I whisper back. I have to practically yell. I think we may need a notepad for this game. Either way, it makes me uncomfortable. I’m all about people watching, but I keep my thoughts to myself. Unless there are disruptive children, which there were, directly behind me. My guess, a dating couple, each with a child similar in age. They were more into each other than the children and the children were becoming increasingly louder and louder in an effort to obtain some kind of acknowledgement. I was happy when they left, about the time the flan came. My one dessert for the week. We come here often and they are always out of flan. I can understand why, it was some of the best, most authentic homemade flan I’ve ever had. Tip; go on Monday for lunch if you want the flan. By dinner, they’ll likely be out.

After my lunchtime Negra Modelo wore off and my official workday was complete, I went for a run. I didn’t do my “cop out” run today. I’ve been so lazy about finding running routes that I’ve been running the same boring route everyday; out the door, up the street, around the corner, a six and a quarter mile loop, then back to my front door. I spent a few minutes researching running routes on and found a nice six and a half mile loop a couple of miles from home. I headed out, by car, parked at Alston Park and ran a lovely loop through an area full of vineyards. On the backside of the loop, I passed every trailer park in Napa, and all the 55+ communities, and most of the hotels. But, it was worth it for running along the vineyards for the first few miles. Though it was hot! About 84 degrees and vineyards are generally devoid of trees, so there was little shade along my path. I ran at a decent pace, for me, and was very pleased. I’ll definitely run that route again!

For dinner, a “small” salad. Not. It was huge. It is so hard to make a meal for one with all the good foods you’re supposed to eat in a day. Oh well, portion control doesn’t really apply to lettuce, spinach and tomatoes, right?

I’m settled in for the evening, putting some finishing touches on an article or two, and feeling very accomplished for the day, an interesting Monday.

Maria's Taqueria, Napa. Two tacos a la carte, one pastor on carnitas. Mmm Mmm!
Maria’s Taqueria, Napa. Two tacos a la carte, one pastor on carnitas. Mmm Mmm!
Flan! Maria's Taqueria, Napa! Best ever!
Flan! Maria’s Taqueria, Napa! Best ever!
Nice scenery for a run in the Napa Valley.
Nice scenery for a run in the Napa Valley.
A not so small salad for dinner with a green tomato, and red tomato, an avocado, a small piece of tilapia, and a whole bunch of spring greens and spinach with a homemade mustard and balsamic vinaigrette.
A not so small salad for dinner with a green tomato, and red tomato, an avocado, a small piece of tilapia, and a whole bunch of spring greens and spinach with a homemade mustard and balsamic vinaigrette.

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