Scarlette Letter –September 9, 2015

Students of happiness agree that certain habits foster feelings of contentment, peace, and joy. These habits include:

Gratitude – I’m grateful for little bits of solitude in the middle of a busy work day

Affirmation – I am productive

Attitude – Feeling sensitive

Activity – Strength training at home and ten cartwheels

Nurture – Sat on the deck at dusk, after my delicious dinner, and watched the hummingbirds and the dragonflies flying in, out, and around the oak trees

Enrichment – Quote – “Even the best writer has to erase”

Nourishment –

Scarlette Begonia Scarlette Begonia Scarlette Begonia Scarlette Begonia

Giving – Gave my last two dollar bills to a panhandling woman with a small child in the Whole Foods parking lot.

Connection – I stopped in at the “Keg and Barrel” at Whole Foods and had a cold beer after chatting with the “wine guy” in the Zinfandel aisle. I used to be a regular, now I’m a “hit or miss”, this afternoon was a hit. I chatted with a young woman at the bar who is into boxing, jujitsu, and M.M.A. She was amazed I ran marathons.

Simplifying – This is getting bad. I drove right past the storage unit where those two bins are, but it was 105 degrees out and I knew it would be even hotter within. I intended to return later in the evening, when cooler, but got distracted shopping at Whole Foods. The storage place closes at 7:00. I’m not one to make excuses.

Scarlette Begonia

Journaling – I had to reread an article I wrote some time ago about the virtues of minimizing. For my benefit if for no one else.

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